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National Consumer Law Center Publications

Student Loan Law


NCLC’s publication, Student Loan Law, is especially useful for attorneys and advocates representing student loan borrowers. NCLC also publishes a book for consumers and their advocates, Guide to Surviving Debt that includes general information about handling all types of debts, including student loan debt.

You can find advocacy-related materials, including reports, testimony, press releases, comments, and letters on the NCLC web site.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Publications

Choosing a Student Loan Action Guide

Guide for Servicemembers Tackling Student Debt

Guide for Public Service Employees

Department of Education Publications

The Department of Education publishes some useful guides and brochures.  These publications are generally updated each year and are available in English and often in Spanish.  The Department has a number of service centers available to help answer borrower questions.  There is also a very useful and interesting Federal Student Aid on-line data center.